We are an independent school for kids. Our experience help us to teach the youngest kids with awesome results. We use only the best methods and systems to improve learning.

SS kindergarten & pre-school located at Jwagal, Kupondole. It established in 2010A. with the aim to produce better citizen of tomorrow as per the demand of time at present. We all are aware that the early year of child is very crucial as their experiences influences their future. So, the child should be provided with happy and secure environment to learn the way the best they can. And we SS kindergarten and pre-school are here to prepare the strong foundation of their life time.


SS. Kindergarten is based on Dr. Mira Montessori’s Philosophy. We believe that the children learn so much as through the movement and hand on experiences, and thus we follow this revolutionary method of observing and supporting the natural development of children. Montessori education practice helps to developed children creativity. Problem solving, Critical thinking and time management skill to contribute to society and the environment. In addition to all Montessori methodology, our modern teaching methodologies are also approaches to enhance the holistic development of child.

Deepak Dai


Welcome to Sunshine. At Sunshine, we strive for excellence in all that we do, from academic instructions to extracurricular activities. Our goal for our child is to leave Sunshine as confident, caring and responsible global citizen. Hence we offer a balanced curriculum that nurture these qualities in your child.

Nabin Dai


Sunshine does an excellent job of fostering a community feeling amongst its parents and students, allowing us to be involved with the transition from toddler to pre-schooler at every step. We've been providing quality of education and make feel they are completely prepared for Kindergarten next year.The Teachers have created a fun classroom that eases the kids in but prepares them to be in a school setting. They absolutely get three-year olds, which isn't easy.